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Aims & Objectives

Objectives of our institution is to create an effective schooling system by

  • Exposing children to a variety of situations and experiences, which will prepare them to interact positively.
  • Developing an attitude in self-learning and self-directed learning for entering general as well as competition streams of education.
  • Providing the students with the latest facilities that facilitate optimum learning with minimum effort with the help of updated electronic gadgets.
  • Creating awareness among students with the help of the curriculum about their role in the society and to make each of our students a complete individual with a well-balanced personality.
  • Giving opportunities to all students, irrespective of their social and intellectual standing to excel in all fields of development.
  • Fostering in students a sense of pride in our culture and heritage.
  • Building a communicative bridge among students, staff and the parent community.
  • Encouraging and inculcating teamwork and competitiveness and bringing students of all castes to one another.
  • Including high level skills and competence required for achieving entrepreneurship and self-employment. (Commerce Students)